Every country has their own legislation and taxation rules. Often companies can have employees in other countries than where their company is established, of course having an registered company can give certain tax benefits but it's not always a hard requirement.
Here at Reimburse-It we're often faced with scaling our infrastructure but how do you do that exactly? Well the truth is it's a long and complicated process.
Reimbursement is a method of paying employees back when they spend their own money on business related expenses. Most of these expenses occur when the employee is traveling for business, but they can occur in another scenario’s too.
In todays economy is companies often need to travel between locations. Meet Bali-Wearables one of our clients.
We offer integration of our service into various third-party integration systems. In particular for starting business owners we offer an connecting module with odoo business applications. We can help you with the complete set-up, hosting or just provide you with the connector.

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Expense claims can be an headace for both the employee and the accountants team. With the Reimburse-It app we try to make this experience as easy as possible.