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augustus 17, 2018 , 0 Comments

Here at Reimburse-It we're often faced with scaling our infrastructure but how do you do that exactly? Well the truth is it's a long and complicated process.

It all starts by developing an multi-tier infrastructure. Where multiple parts can be assumed to co-exist to share the workload or there's just one component that handles everything. When using an infrastructure like that it's able to just add more server components depending on infrastructure demand.

Roughly said this is large public service providers like dropbox do also. How we exactly go around this at our company can be an article by itself. There are a few popular technologies that every developer should know about  containers, message queus, relational databases.

The most important aspect is too create resiliance. This is a critical for fault tolerance and dynamically scaling applications based on demand. For databases there can be "eventually consistent replication" a term coined by the industry that deals with data distributed over different servers and geographies.

If you like to know about these technologies please drop a line and get in contact with us. We're always more than happy to offer advice or just to get to know your use-cases.